Nemonium Ecosystem

Nemonium is establishing a fully enclosed, self-sustaining ecosystem for art on Cardano.The currency of the ecosystem is SKULL, which has a fully diluted supply of 13 million. SKULL will be used to partially (and later fully) pay for mints.SKULL can be earned by staking any Nemonium Asset or acquired from most Cardano DEXs. At the time of writing, the SKULL-ADA pool on MinSwap has the deepest liquidity. The Nemonium community NFTs are fundamentally about community building – with value derived from the strength and sustainability of the community that forms around an NFT collection – and Nemonium is no exception. The strength and depth of the Nemonium community will comprise a key value proposition for future project partners. Therefore, Nemo has placed building a sustainable community at the core of the Nemonium vision,attempting to balance the tension between rewarding early supporters (without whom an NFT project would never get off the ground) and ensuring that the project remains open and accessible to new members. Nemonium has adopted an organic growth approach, which has been structured around three formative phases: the OG skulls represent phase one, the Fauna skulls represent phase two and the Sh4pes skulls represent phase three. The conclusion of phase three will mark Nemonium’s maturation into a fully enclosed, self-sustaining ecosystem. In return for the belief and support that each phase of community members have demonstrated in the project, holders of the OG, Fauna and SH4pes skulls will enjoy tiered privileges within the ecosystem. Nevertheless,Nemonium aspires to remain a welcoming and inclusive space, with membership in the community open to anyone who holds a Nemonium NFT. In addition, Nemonium also aims to ensure that high-quality artwork remains open and accessible to anyone,as evidenced by the simultaneous release of Memento Mori by Natalie Shau and The Origins of Nemonium by SuperPetteri. Both artworks were released as single editions and priced at 31 ADA per NFT. This meant that Nemonium was able to release two high-quality artworks on Cardano at a minting price that is affordable for almost everyone, while also ensuring that the artists were fairly rewarded. Essentially,the limiting factor for supply was time, rather price or privileged access – anyone could mint, as long as they were paying attention. The Nemonium network The third element of the Nemonium ecosystem are project partners: artists, developers and other project teams. These partnerships are mutually beneficial for both parties and bring substantial value to the Cardano space (e.g., driving innovation, setting higher standards and stimulating network activity). Artworks released in collaboration with Nemonium enable artists to focus on the process of creation rather than allocating a large proportion of their time to building and maintaining a community. In turn, this means that the artworks will attract collectors of the artist’s oeuvre as well as of the Nemonium collection, while also mitigating the hype cycles that pump and dump many NFT collections. Over the last nine months, Nemonium has released artworks by Fauna, Natalie Shau, Leafjerky,Lilyillo and Penny Dents, Lit Bitz, Joshua Jones, Monk and Nahum, SuperPetteri,and the Voyager. In addition to bringing high-quality art to Cardano, Nemonium will always push the boundaries of what is technically possible on Cardano. As such, Nemonium has partnered with some of the best developers on Cardano (e.g., Ada Anvil) to offer state-of-art minting experiences. Nemonium first switched to multi-sig minting for the Fauna skulls phase two drop and has upped-the-anti with every subsequent mint. For Nemonium, a mint is not simply a transaction, it is an immersive experience in its own right, equivalent to a gallery viewing. Alongside skilled developers, Nemonium has partnerships with several of the most ambitious and innovative project teams building on Cardano, including AdaDigies, Cyberia, Lucky Planet, Muggos, Pixl.Page and Skull Mfers. While these project partnerships are still in their formative stages, the added value of sharing knowledge and technical expertise is evidence, as well as the additional fun and games that these projects bring to the Nemonium and wider Cardano community. Nemonium is quickly establishing itself at the epicenter of a vibrant network of the finestartistic, technical and project development talent in Cardano NFTs. This network will be vital as Nemonium and its project partners move beyond the confines of the crypto space, and take NFTs into the wider world of business and community building.